7 Things Not To Bring To Baby Showers

If you have been invited to a baby shower, you will most definitely want to buy the expectant mom whatever she had put on her registry. However, some moms-to-be have not created a registry and with that said, you will be wondering what kind of gifts are best to get her for the shower. And, you may be afraid to buy just anything because it could be the wrong thing. Common sense would tell anyone that you would never want to attend a baby shower with empty hands, you also don’t want to be buying the mom-to-be anything that she will not be able to use during her pregnancy and for after the baby arrives. Additionally, you do not want to bring anything to the baby shower that can be disruptive and not appropriate. Let’s go over what you must not bring to any baby shower right now:

Seasonal Items For The Baby – If the mom-to-be is expecting her bundle during the winter, and you know she is having a girl, you don’t want to buy the baby a newborn-sized sundress. Or, if the baby she is having is a boy, you don’t want to get her a newborn summer boy outfit. However, you can get the mom-to-be a 6-month old size of the clothing that will be appropriate for the season that is the opposite of the one when they will be born.

Balloons – Don’t bring balloons at all to a baby shower because everyone will be tripping over them and that can be quite hazardous to the expecting mom. Chances are the balloons have been blown up and have been placed in areas of the room where the shower is taking place so that no one has the risk of tripping on them.

Wine – You do know that any pregnant mom cannot drink right? Maybe the guests can but it is not appropriate to bring wine or any booze to a baby shower. Remember the mom is the one in the spotlight because the shower is about her and her unborn baby. If there are drinks there, it is only because the expectant mom has provided them for the guests and she doesn’t need your help with that at all.

Cheese – Another thing that a pregnant mom is not going to want at her shower is cheese because she may not be able to enjoy it. Especially if it is foreign which means it may not be pasteurized which would be harmful to her and her unborn baby. Again, if she has provided cheese, it is for the guests and chances are the cheese she is offering is safe for her to eat too. But still, cheese is not an appropriate item to bring to a baby shower.

Stuffed Animals – Plushies are adorable but the fact of the matter is, there is a good chance that the mom-to-be is already overflowing with plushies that were given previously to her and she certainly does not need anymore. They are adorable but they are not a practical baby gift because putting too many stuffed animals or plush items will only cause dust to accumulate and that will just only add to clutter instead of useful baby gifts.

Old Gifts That You Did Not Want – If you are giving the mom-to-be a gift that you had gotten and are handing over, then that is an insult. And, it will be known. It is best to give old gifts that you didn’t want to charities instead of re gifting them to anyone. That only makes you appear cheap.

Second Hand Items – What is worse than giving the mom-to-be a gift that you didn’t want in the first place? A second hand item of your own! That really is not nice and that will also make you appear cheap. Again, if you have old clothing for your babies that have grown too large for them, give them to charities or to family members who actually will want them. Not to any mom-to-be hosting her own baby shower. If you really are unsure of what to get the mom-to-be because she did not create a registry, and you know nothing about babies, you can always get her gift cards from various baby stores. And in your card to her, you can be honest about not knowing what to have gotten. She will appreciate that and will also understand that. She will most definitely be able to use the gift card, as that fits in with proper baby shower etiquette.

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